About thevintagepost

I... love alternative music. love anything vintage. love Jeffrey Campbell. He is ah-mazingly brilliant, I wish I could marry him. love unique. love books. love too many things to count.

Hey, Bloogers!

Get it? Bloggers, bloogers… well, I thought it was pretty clever.

But really…

Since I love fashion, vintage things and music, I decided that it was time I make a blog to contribute to this already infested blog-ridden world. But what doesn’t make this one special? What will make this one step out of the crowd march to its own beat? What will make this one make everyone want to press that funny little “Follow” button?

With a whole lot of luck, perseverance, and hope.

But it’s gonna happen.

Oh yeh.


Hello and Good Day, World Wide Bloogers!

Guten Tag! Hola! Salam! Alo! Ciao! Bonjour! Hello! 

Today I am introducing a new segment called What Do You Think? Where I will ask a question every friday about fashion! Yay! Even though today is not Friday (you have no idea how much I wish it was), I will still ask a question to kick off the upcoming Friday phenomenon.


Here it is:

What do you think about oxfords? Are they fashionable and cute, or are they just weird?

(are you thinking?)

Please vote here!

And please leave comments! Thanks so much, look forward to hearing comments!